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Create a Great Property Advert that Sells

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It’s time to sell or rent your property in Jamaica and you’ve done your homework. You’ve priced the place competitively, your ad is online and in the newspapers, and you’ve spread the word. However, nobody is calling.

So, what are you doing wrong? Consider this, does your ad need improvement?

1) Are you using beautiful photos?

Your photos are the first things people see when they’re browsing. If they don’t look good, you won’t pull them in.

Here are some tips if you opt to take eye-catching pictures yourself:

• Remove all the clutter.

• Clean as much as you can to make the rooms sparkle.

• Open all the windows and let the natural light in.

• Take landscape shots.

• Don’t tilt your camera.

• Use a normal focal length.

• Take low shots about 40 inches off the ground.

• Use a steady hand or preferrably a tripod.

• Use your best shots.

• Use your best photograph as the leading picture.

2) Do you have a compelling description?

Pull prospective buyers and renters in by ensuring that the description of your real estate is captivating, and differentiates itself from other ads.

Communicate the key features of the property in a powerful and inspiring way so that others will be keen to get the benefits and lifestyle differences that such a home will offer. In other words, focus on what makes the property unique and don’t be vague.

At a minimum, ensure that you capture the following:

• The number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

• The size of the interior floor space in square meters or square feet.

• The lot size in square metres or acres.

• The stand out features (e.g., a fully-equipped kitchen, master bedroom with an en-suite bathrooms, walk-in closet, stainless steel refrigerator, king size bed, comfortably-sized terrace perfect for al fresco dining, and a verandah running around the full perimeter of the house).

• Any unique characteristics (e.g., stunning views from the living room across the heart of the city and out to the sea, all bedrooms are fully air-conditioned, close proximity to the local primary and secondary schools, fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore at night, and exclusive use of a gym).

• Any recent updates (e.g., newly refurbished bathrooms, completely remodelled inside to provide light and airy rooms).

3) Finally, proofread to eliminate errors and get the opinion of your family and friends.

Still don’t know what to do, give us a call or use our Contact page to drop us an email. We’ll be happy to help.

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