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Inspired Renovation: Concrete Interiors

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Renovating your home or building a new house? Want to create a stunning room with a modern twist? Here's another of our articles that we hope you find inspiring as you make your plans. Consider changing how you apply concrete throughout your home.

According to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, a whopping 79% of Jamaican houses are made from concrete and cement blocks. As a result, it is not outside the realm of possibilities for us Jamaicans to consider using concrete and cement for more than just structural stability when building houses. Why don’t you consider enhancing your floors and vertical surfaces by taking concrete to the next level?

Check out these articles we found where concrete finishes were used to make the homes stand out:
1)    On Home Designing, they’ve showcased 30 seriously cool bedrooms.
2)    On Design Milk, you can find 12 cases highlighted, covering walls and floors in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and shared living areas.
3)    On Share Design, you'll find featured a beautiful Swizz home designed by Wespi de Meuron.

We also found two Youtube videos that you might like:
1)    From Home Designing, Concrete Wall Designs: 30 Striking Bedrooms That Use Concrete Finish Artfully

2) From Stunning Concrete Modern Apartments

These examples show how the builders and homeowners have used concrete by applying decorative textured techniques along with smooth finishes, or by pairing with wood or art.

We at Nohuts believe that any of these styles would suit a Jamaican home perfectly. The possibilities seem to be endless.


Do you know of a Jamaican building or property development that you think would be an inspiration to others? If so, contact us today.


[Image from Yovo Bozhinovski of Bozhinovski Design]

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